Pokemon Go Ditto

Pokemon Go Ditto Time


Pokemon Go Ditto Time


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The English and Japanese sets will feature a special gimmick involving Ditto. Some cards will appear to be a certain Pokemon, but the top layer can actually be peeled off! When you peel it, you’ll reveal the real card: Ditto. To indicate the top layer can be peeled, you’ll see a Ditto in place of the card’s regulation mark, as you can see on the Bidoof below. These peeled layers cannot be used at official events.

Update: Pokemon has confirmed the peeling mechanic will be part of our English set: It’s Pokemon Go Ditto Time!

Now here’s something you don’t see every day… And if you’re not looking closely, you might miss it! To find Ditto in the Pokémon GO expansion, look for other Pokémon that have a layer you can peel off to reveal the Transform Pokémon underneath! Note that the Pokémon that rests on top of Ditto can’t be used competitively in official matches—only the Ditto itself. In fact, you’ll find a little Ditto icon in place of the typical tournament registration mark!

Update #2: Pokemon has posted a video of the peeling action!

The set’s English products will begin to release on July 1st. As with all special sets, booster packs will only be available through these products; individual booster packs will not be sold.