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 Top 5 BEST Darkness Ablaze Cards (Opinion)

1. Crobat V

Number 1 on PokeDirect.com’s list is the versatile support Pokémon Crobat V due to his Night Asset Ability. Crobat V’s Night Asset Ability triggers when Crobat V is played from your hand to your bench and allows you to draw cards until you have six (6) Pokémon cards in your hand. In addition Crobat V’s Night Asset Ability pairs perfectly with similar Pokémon equipped with draw abilities. For example, Crobat V pairs well with any Dedenne GX deck (i.e, Pikachu & Zekrom Tag Team “PikaRom”) as well as, the heavy handed Arceus & Diagla & Pialkia-GX/ Zacian V deck. In both cases, Crobat V’s Night Asset Ability aids in accelerating through your deck for a first turn Altered Creation GX. However, you must be aware, decks featuring Crobat V are vulnerable to decks with 3 Boss’s Order and 2 Great Catcher because they pull Crobat V from the bench to your active Pokémon.

2. Eternatus Vmax

Eternatus VMAX ranks number 2 on PokeDirect.com’s list of top 5 Darkness Ablaze cards. Eternatus VMAX combines an extremely powerful attack and a stellar new ability allowing up to 8 Pokémon on your bench to create a legendary card. Finally players looking for a strong an aggressive deck can combine Eternatus VMAX with Crobat V (discussed above) to generate constant pressure. Additionally, the current meta consists of substantial Dark Energy support making Eternatus extremely versatile.


3. Decidueye

Decidueye ranks number 3 on PokeDirect.com’s best Darkness Ablaze card list. So, Decidueye’s Ability Forest Camouflage prevents all damage done to this Pokémon by attacks from Pokémon-GX and Pokémon V (including Pokémon VMAX). Thus, Decidueye fully counters premium decks i.e, PikaRom (discussed further above), Reshizard, and Zacian decks. Decidueye’s significance will continue to rise as
more and more VMAX and GX cards are printed and pairs well with Turrfield Stadium. Unfortunately, Decidueye loses to non-GX decks such as Baby Blown, is limited by fire weakness and is a Stage 2 Pokémon.


4. Centiskorch VMAX

PokeDirect.com ranks Centiskorch VMAX number 4 on it list of best Darkness Ablaze cards. Centiskorch VMAX uitizes a high damage fire attack, similar to Charizard VMAX, that is best paired with energy accelerating cards i.e, Welder. For example, the cards attack functions at only 2 Fire Energy but you need seven (7) Fire Energy to reach 320 damage. Although Centiskorch VMAX’s current upside is
limited, the card secures a position on the list because its fire attack serves as a hard counter to the number 3 ranked card Decidueye (discussed above).


5. Cape of Toughness

Number 5 on PokeDirect.com’s best Darkness Ablaze card list is Cape of Toughness. The Cape of Toughness trainer card is an attachable item that give plus fifty hit points (+50 HP) to any non-GX basic Pokémon when attached. Also, the card is viable in Standard and Expanded decks because the current rotation includes numerous non-GX tank Pokémon that synergizes well with the Cape of Toughness. Further, the card is simple to use, applies to a wide variety of decks and styles, and as with similar tool cards, it raises your maximum HP to delay being KO’d and can force an opponent to waste resources discard the tool. However, you should be aware, Cape of Toughness INCREASES max HP, which is distinguishable from healing your Pokémon, allowing your opponent to use a Tool Scrapper to remove
the HP bonus and instantly knocking out a Pokémon whose damage exceeds is original HP.


Honorable Mention:

ENGINES – Rose Engine = 1) Trainer Rose, Silvally GX, Rose Tower Trainer, Toxtricity Vmax, Stonjourner Vmax, Capcious Bucket, Ineleon Vmax. – more and more Vmax, in conclusion the better Rose Engine will become.

Bird Keeper = Bird Keeper Trainer, Jirachi, Rowlet, Lillie’s Poke Doll, Zacian V, Salamence Vmax, Spiritomb, Spikemuth (mini synchrony)

Toughness Cape (pokemon extra 5 hit points for basics excluding GX) (shut off toolscrappers) (many V pokemon that can take advantage of card) – Vikavolk V, Zacian V, Zamazenta V, Spiritomb , Falinks (annoying tanky when with some bees),

Hide Darkness Energy (stonge) (energy attachment with float stone) (lots of dark stuff in case) – Eternatus Vmax (used early to protect Eternatus), Savleye (item to make turbo attach?), Obstagoon, Spiritomb (take advantage to survive with spikmuth stadium and toughness cape, Spikemuth Trainer =Spirit Energy Set.

Decidueye (Stage 2) (forest camouflage can’t be damaged by GX, constant headache because more and more Vmax being printed) (fire weakness limiting factor) Turffield Stadium Trainer (add grass type evolves), Leavanny, Jirachi, Inteleon, Rowlet, Bird Keeper Trainer, Weakness Guard Energy, Big Charm Trainer.

Centiskorch Vmax (keep decidueye at bay) (one of first fire vmax) (Attack functions with two energy card, apply welder with energy deck does sig damage and set up future deck) in addition (Big Chance, Heat Fire Energy and healing cards like hyper potion booster tank ability), Welder, Giant Hearth, Heatran GX, Giant Bomb, Wondrous Labrinth; Mallow and Lana Trainer, Big Charm Trainer, Heat Fire Energy. Not a
lot of good water in Darkness which is this deck’s weakness. Best Darkness Ablaze Cards

Piers (interesting supporter card)( search deck for dark pokemon and energy and place in hand then shuffle), add special energies of choice, Capture Energy, Recycle Energy, Weakness Guard Energy; Salamence Vmax Acceleration Energy; Zigzagoon; Crobat V; Eternatus Vmax Obstagoon, Hide Darkness Energy.

Vikavolt V (Tapu Koko and Turbo Patch to chain Bolt), as well as Koga’s Trap; Parasect; Cheer Yell Horn; Boss’s Orders; Absol; Team Yell Grunt (extra damage between turns) and Crushing Hammer (remove turns from opponent by buying yourself turns); Amoonguss; and finally Slumbering Forest.

Eternatus Vmax of course (large dark support in deck, insane stats, real pace setter, very tanky, add bench to 8 dark pokemon, 30x dark pokemon in play, lots of dark supports), Piers, Dark Energy; Black Market primstone can buy tempo fast and consistent; Zigzagoon (1 prize fight); Crobat V; Spiritomb or Sableye; Hoopa; Absol or Weavls GX.

Turbo Patch finally (populates rest of tier 1, coin flip card) (blankety for Vikavolt V; Sableye V; Zacian V; Eternatus Vmax; Dragapult Vmaz; Arccus and Diag GX Tag; Energy Switch (every Vmax starts as basic, and helps fight against Crushing Hammer, helps if miss energy drop or V flip; all of them Could go into evolution decks.



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